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 Published On Aug 22, 2022

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Intel has responded to GN's testing of its Intel Arc GPU driver suite. Intel's Arc GPUs launched with the buggiest drivers we've ever tested on a GPU, prompting a deep-dive video detailing dozens of issues we found in the testing process. Now, Intel has posted a bulletin noting its plans to improve and some fixes it has already rolled-out, especially Arc Control and other UI improvements. This prompted further industry discussion, namely about what Intel has to do in order to roll-out GPUs as smoothly as possible, despite being a newcomer to a fierce market.

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00:00 - Thanks, GN
01:59 - Intel's Reaction to Criticism
03:25 - Going the Right Direction
07:45 - Driver Updates
10:11 - Concerns Regarding Intel
11:48 - Intel Deserves Credit
14:04 - Fixing the Downloads
18:01 - Intel Dx9 Performance
20:13 - What Intel Must Do

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