Intel is Hiding Data from Us: What GPU Benchmarks Don't Tell You
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 Published On Jul 16, 2022

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Intel showed us some secret GPU data, opening the door to how GPU reviews can be better as tools and benchmarking methods continue to improve. This deep-dive into frametimes and frame rendering helps to educate on what's really missing from the picture when talking about GPU performance. We've been covering frametimes (or frame-to-frame intervals) for at least 6-7 years now, but the methods and tools are continuing to advance. We also talk about Intel Smooth Sync (and Intel Speed Sync, briefly), which are new software tools for Intel Arc GPUs. We'll be reviewing these tools separately from the Arc GPU hardware.

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00:00 - How Is Baby Frame Made?
01:20 - "Am I Bottlenecking?!"
02:50 - Why This Matters
03:55 - How Brains Detect Stutters
08:10 - Negative Frametimes
08:55 - Bottleneck Testing Tools
10:00 - What Does That Mean?
12:42 - Intel Arc Speed Sync Technology
16:13 - Intel Arc Smooth Sync
17:00 - Live Demo of Smooth Sync
21:50 - Tom Loves Developers, Developers, Developers!
23:30 - No Cap

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Host, Editing: Steve Burke
Camera, Editing: Andrew Coleman
Guest: Tom Petersen (Intel Graphics Engineer)

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