Arctic Does What Others Won't: Defective Liquid Freezer II Issues
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 Published On Aug 23, 2022

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Arctic discovered a defect in its Liquid Freezer II coolers that we've heavily reviewed (and generally recommended), and now, it is offering repair kits (or replacements) for anyone affected. The defect pertains to the gasket breaking down and causing gunk buildup, staining of the coldplate, and loss of performance over time. This didn't affect all units, but it affected enough for Arctic to be faced with a hard decision: Hide it or handle it right. Fortunately, Arctic chose to handle it right. Arctic is firm that this isn't a "recall," but it does have a procedure in place to repair affected units. This follows its previous actions to implement a 6-year retroactive warranty for its coolers.

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00:00 - Arctic's Problems with the Liquid Freezer II
02:17 - Correct Responses Are Rare
04:08 - Here's The Problem
05:14 - Slow Degradation & Damage
06:14 - The Worst-Case Scenario
07:17 - How to Know What's Fixed
09:24 - How to Repair the Arctic Liquid Freezer II (Tutorial)
18:55 - Our Concerns & Flushing the Fluid Discussion
21:52 - Arctic Does It Right

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