Can Groceries Be Delivered TOO Quickly?!
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Over the past few years, many cities have seen the arrival of services that promise to delivery groceries as quickly as possible. These services offer a level of convenience and laziness that have never been seen before, but they bring with them some problems. Can groceries be delivered TOO quickly?

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0:00 Pre-roll
0:07 Introduction
0:45 What is "flash" delivery?
1:28 How do they do it?
2:33 Can't you just walk to buy groceries?
3:28 Who uses it?
4:01 What's the downside?
6:42 VCs and dumb money
8:26 Worker exploitation & tech
10:41 Do we REALLY need this?
11:28 Where we are today & conclusion
12:10 Nebula spot & Patreon Shout-out

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