Dutch Cities are Better for the Environment (and my sanity)
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 Published On Premiered Feb 7, 2022

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We didn’t move to the Netherlands because of climate change, the environment, the cycling, or even the stroopwafels. We moved here because we have a better quality of life. But in doing so, our impact on the climate reduced considerably ... which is kind of remarkable.

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0:00 Intro
0:06 People who know about Climate Change
0:53 Per-capita CO2 & where it comes from
2:34 City design is important for climate change
3:40 Why are we talking about Stroopwafels?
4:20 Why we love the Netherlands
5:28 What if I stayed in Fake London?
6:41 Heating & Cooling
7:06 Zoning & SFH regulations
7:20 Transportation is a problem
8:19 Bad land use is bad. Like, really bad.
9:07 Density doesn't have to feel dense
10:05 On commutes and car driving
11:15 How do we fix it?
11:53 Stop interrupting me, Rollie!
12:21 Patreon shout-out
12:36 Outtro

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