How to (Quickly) Build a Cycling City - Paris
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 Published On Premiered Dec 17, 2021

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If you've read anything about urban planning online recently, you've probably heard about the changes happening Paris. Mayor Anne Hidalgos has become famous for her pro-cycling and pro-people policies, and for taking away space from automobiles. With a goal of becoming "100% Cyclable" by 2026, Paris is changing quickly.

For this video I took an NJB "Business Trip" to Paris to see these changes for myself.

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The “Champs-Élysées — history & perspectives” Study

Paris Syndrome (パリ症候群):

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0:00 Intro
0:08 Changes are happening in Paris
0:34 My experiences in Paris
1:07 Travelling to Paris
1:43 Introducing Altis Play
2:22 First Impressions
3:10 Temporary infrastructure becoming permanent
3:48 The cycling experience
4:22 Taking space away from cars
6:50 This is all great let's end the video!
7:11 Paris syndrome for bicycles
8:31 Slow change vs. fast change
8:56 Rough edges
10:51 The pedestrian experience
11:53 Conclusion
12:24 Merci à mes supporters sur Patreon
12:37 Outro

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