The Car-Replacement Bicycle (the bakfiets)
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 Published On Aug 8, 2022

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When we were moving back to Canada, we knew we'd need a car, but we couldn't afford one after the move. Thankfully, we found an electric bakfiets, and not only did it take the place of a car, it also saved us thousands of dollars in the process. to get a discounted subscription to Nebula (and support this channel, too)!

Thanks to Modacity for the photo used in the thumbnail:

Thanks to @Propelbikes for providing some of the footage used in this video. If you'd like to purchase an electric bike or bakfiets in New York or LA, check them out:

Thanks also to nrbi who provided footage of a cargo bakfiets in action in Toronto:


NJB Live (my bicycle livestream channel):

References & further reading:

Short history of the cargo bike
The cargo bike: Undervalued all-rounder with promising future

Belading DC_2 per bakfiets. Vliegtuig PH_AKJ Jan van Gent, op Schiphol, onteigend door Duitsers mei 1940

Een bakfiets van warenhuis Metz & Co., Keizersgracht 455, in een rijwielstalling.

Bakfiets met kinderzitjes

Een bakfiets van A.P. de Zwart Czn., Stadhouderskade 61.

Met Floriadepark; Europaboulevard

Linksvoor Nieuwe Achtergracht 29-31 en daarachter de voormalige brood- en meelfabriek Nieuwe Prinsengracht 55-57

Op de voorgrond de Nieuwe Prinsengracht, gezien vanaf het dak van gebouw Ceres.

De toegang aan de zuidzijde van de Coentunnel.

Overzicht straat - Frederik Hendrikstraat

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Kinder- und Warentransport-Pedelec, von Urban Arrow, 2019 in Frankfurt am Main (modified)
By Bigral - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Waste receptacles or dumpsters bearing the “BFI Canada” logo (a division of IESI-BFC Ltd.) Photo taken at Calgary, Alberta, Canada (modified)
By User:Seerig - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

0:00 Intro
0:48 The Bakfiets
1:31 Mikey likes it!
2:18 The history of the cargo bike
2:55 The modern electric bakfiets
3:40 The bakfietsmoeder
4:13 Bakfiets as a second car
4:48 The money talk
6:14 Curiosity Stream & Nebula ad
6:27 The stuff we hauled
7:10 Commercial bakfietsen
7:57 The twitters
8:49 But the streets aren't safe
10:00 Bakfietsmoeders of the world ... UNITE!
10:35 Patreon shout-out

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