HW News - LTT vs. GN Warranty Beliefs, Intel A750 GPU Benchmarks, i9-13900 Delid
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 Published On Aug 12, 2022

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In this HW News, we're responding to LTT's warranty beliefs and to an invitation for 'friendly competition' by getting competitive with our own warranty and store policies. This is regarding the recent Linus Tech Tips Backpack warranty concerns. We'll also be talking about Intel's A750 benchmarks vs. the RTX 3060, AMD's X670E motherboards, the upcoming Ryzen 7000 CPUs, and rumors about the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 apparently having lower power consumption needs than previously expected.

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00:00 - News This Week
01:35 - Recapping the LTT Backpack Warranty Controversy
04:29 - YouTuber Warranty Battle (& GN's Response)
11:46 - Intel A750 Benchmarks vs. RTX 3060
16:08 - X670E Motherboards Announced for AM5 AMD CPUs
21:53 - NVIDIA Missed Revenue Target & Blames Gaming
25:35 - Ryzen 7000 Specs & Price Rumors
28:20 - Rumor: RTX 4080 & RTX 4070 Power Draw
29:45 - Intel i9-13900 Delidded
31:01 - Threadripper Pro 5000 CPUs Now Available
32:52 - Huge, Unforgiveable Mistake

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