Newegg is Desperate: Dumping GPUs with "JustGPU"
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 Published On Aug 5, 2022

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Newegg launched a new website - JustGPU - to try and dump its video card inventory. Unfortunately, the website is filled with misleading "benchmarks" that are all seemingly made up. In fact, Newegg goes so far as saying they're basically fake, but stops short of specifying to what extent. The website acts like any number of other affiliate spam websites with fake charts and "data" to try and lead a purchase based on some random attributes (like core count), but stops short of actually helping anyone. This is our look at JustGPU.

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00:00 - Newegg Launches New Website
01:25 - Misleading
04:02 - Hiding the Newegg Branding
08:08 - Fake Benchmarks
09:55 - Inspecting the Data
12:30 - Proving the Bulls*17
16:15 - Just Be Responsible
17:15 - The Source of the Faked Numbers
18:05 - Irresponsibly Misleading Customers

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Host, Research, Writing: Steve Burke
Additional Writing: Jeremy Clayton
Video: Andrew Coleman
Video Assistance: Mike Gaglione

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