HW News - GPU Maker Layoffs, Intel HEDT Returns, AMD Gaming Chairs
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 Published On Aug 7, 2022

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In hardware news this week, we talk about layoffs in the PC industry like at Corsair, ASUS, and EVGA, but also Intel HEDT CPUs and W790, AMD's gaming chairs, carbon fiber cases, and more.

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00:00 - Recapping the Week
01:25 - PC World Disappears (And Returns)
07:00 - AMD Gaming Chairs
09:07 - Rumor: The Beast
10:34 - Leak: Ryzen 7000 SKUs
11:07 - Seagate On Track for 30TB HDDs in 2023
12:41 - Micron Ships First 232-Layer NAND Flash
14:29 - EVGA, Corsair, & ASUS Layoffs
17:38 - EVGA Carbon Fiber E1 Frame Case
20:28 - Intel is Killing Optane
22:15 - Teamgroup M.2 SSD with Vapor Chamber
23:16 - Retbleed Unpatched for 32-bit Linux
24:13 - Intel HEDT W790 Chipset Confirmed
24:53 - Radeon Raytracing Analyzer 1.0

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