Worst We've Tested: Broken Intel Arc GPU Drivers
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 Published On Aug 1, 2022

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Intel's Arc GPU driver software is completely and utterly broken. Although the drivers work 'fine' for some gaming, as we showed in our initial review, the actual driver suite is a buggy and embarrassing mess that Intel should be afraid to even upload for use. Many of its features, like Intel Smooth Sync (which we tested here) and Intel Arc Control cause artifacting, flickering, crashes, or are just otherwise useless. In this video, we're reviewing the Intel Arc GPUs again, but this time for software rather than hardware. NVIDIA and AMD have nothing to be afraid of on this front (so far).

Watch our original Intel Arc A380 review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La-dcK4h4ZU

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00:40 - Suffering for Your Entertainment
01:32 - Intel's Embarrassment
04:00 - Huge List of Issues
09:30 - Intel Didn't Even Use Its UI
11:15 - Arc Control is Broken
16:19 - Serious Issues
19:00 - Updating Breaks Things Again
20:22 - Conclusion: The Software is Infuriating

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Host, Writing, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Testing, Capture, Writing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman

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