HW News - Artesian Fallout, Diving GPU Prices, Intel + AMD Vulnerability, & 13900K Tests
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 Published On Jul 20, 2022

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Hardware News for the week is packed! We talk fallout of the Artesian Builds warranty/return issue, YouTube age-gating our A380 review temporarily, NVIDIA desperately dropping RTX 30 prices, and more. Other topics include leaks of the Intel Core i9-13900K ES (Engineering Sample) CPUs getting some benchmarks, coupled with official releases of beta Raptor Lake BIOSes for the 13th Gen CPUs.

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Show notes & sources: https://www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/3689-hw-news-artesian-fallout-nvidia-price-drop

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00:00 - News Recap for the Week
01:07 - YouTube Age Gated GN's Arc A380 Review
04:04 - GN Hiring A Camera Operator Part-Time
05:12 - Behind the Scenes of Artesian's RMA Issue
09:57 - Crazy M.2 Tower Cooler with 60mm Fan
12:50 - NVIDIA Desperation & RTX 30 Price Drops
17:16 - Leak: Intel i9-13900K ES Benchmarks
18:33 - EVGA Tackles Transients on GPUs
20:55 - ATX 3.0 PSUs Have Arrived
22:02 - Retbleed CPU Vulnerability
24:24 - Raptor Lake BIOSes Coming Out
25:22 - Samsung 24Gbps GDDR6 Memory
27:15 - Extremely Niche M.2 SATA Card

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Host, Writing: Steve Burke
Writing, Research: Jeremy Clayton
Video: Andrew Coleman

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