Dax - "QUIET STORM" Remix [Official Video]
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 Published On Feb 27, 2023

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shot by: Logan Meis

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a QUIET STORM is in BREWING inside of my mental
i see you critics speaking foolishly and honestly you must not got the memo
my name rings bells from the suburbs to the the ghetto cause the words that I echo
ain't riddled with the typical verbage or innuendoes
TONIGHT'S SHOW's hosted by me not JAY LENO
y’all good with ya thumbs i’m a master with the pen though
so by the end of this i’ll have you SWITCHing like NINTENDO
i’m reeking-HAVOC-in every dimension
i-MOBB DEEP-with these lyrical WEAPONS
a-PRODIGY-of paying homage LEGENDS
never OUT OF POCKET check the JEANS (genes) it’s in the GENETICS
every word I spit is DEVICE of a style that’s POETIC
crafted overnight inside a mind where the chronic depression
cripples thoughts till the tension cuts and seeps with intention making songs that everybody needs but refuses to mention
"This is that"
Hip hop shit
i do beats like BETTY CROCKER
I POP-CONS (popcorn) with this HEAT like REDENBACHER
they MICROWAVE they flows mines BENIHANA
"This is that"
Sh sh sh shock ya
TERMINATE-A-FLOW (terminator) you can "G G G GET THE CHOPPA"
my 16’s CHAPEL (sistine chapel) MICHELANGELO'S greatest
i'm spitting proper but they underrate the boi so i'm coming back even
Straight from the underground
I'll never dumb it down
anxiety on my chest about 100 pounds
F*ck a melody CHOKING you with these lyrics having GASPING for the OXY-cuz-GEN-Z (oxygen/GEN-Z) been outta bounds
Go bout' a 100 rounds
i never do slow down
they talking sh*t well that KARMA gon' come right BACK AROUND
hit you like a VERB-my-TENSE is past the SPEED OF SOUND and everybody knows that Dax shit is WORLD re-NOUN
who else you know can come and f*ck with the flow
i'm internationally known as the hottest spitter the globe
has ever seen since the time when this sh*t was actually dope and the
f*cking lyrical content was actually touching your soul
i'm not a PROPHET but PROFIT of all the words that i've spoke
i speak on relevant issues currently plaguing the globe
so don't compare me to people who f*cking flex and showboat and flash their material wealth when I f*cking know that their broke
this is the real
low down dirty, 28 pushing 30, a P*SSY could never JERK ME
i keep PREYING (praying) on these beats no wonder they
BEG FOR MERCY, stay dropping NEWARK- like i'm living out there in JERSEY (newark, new jersey)
I be thinking out the box in every category COUNTRY music is easy HIP-HOP labels me corny but when I POP and ROCK the stadiums they’ll adore me, say that they neva hated and call it all HIS-story
ima soldier for God so I don’t ever contend
f*ck your awards and all your devilish trends
i’ve been myself ain't never had to pretend
that i live lifestyle way above you or the 90 percent
i whip a Honda my n*gga ain’t f*cking driving no Benz
Ain’t got no house in the hills
Or white picketed fence
and every dollar get I take go reinvest not scheming in these schemind elites but right back in myself
this is that real rap, type to make you call yo mama and go revisit all the pain from your childhood trauma
not the type
that left rights bout some fake ass drama and then screams Black Lives Matter cuz they vote Obama

wearing Balenciaga while you sit inside your home contemplating spending rent on some gahdamn clothes

Impressing weak ass hoes who only goals is making OnlyFans and getting flown out to get they whole back blown
Its f*cking crazy out here man
Toxic fumes, trains derailed, UFO sightings we all consumed
liberal news, conservatives views we get distracted while those in power jerk off and lead us all to our dooms
Dear god please, calm the civil unrest
societies going crazy and everybodies depressed
the schools are doing to much
our curriculums don’t connect
we confusing these little kids with these books about having sex
These mass shootings more common then 3 pointers from curry and he’s the best (285 in 2022)
Black people still crying and acting like were oppressed when we kill ourselves the most and we envy our own success
everybody’s educated, but lacking the common sense
to see a 4 year degree equals 40 years in some debt
B*tches scream they independent but want a man with some money and if they get em expect him to come in and pay they rent
And if I sound angry f*ck did you expect
28 years breathing in flagrant disrespect
28 years being the kid they wouldn’t accept
This QUIET STORM been brewing so watch I do next...

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