Ren - Hi Ren
Ren Ren
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 Published On Premiered Dec 15, 2022

Hi Ren is out now on all streaming platforms

Creating this song wasn't easy, but I'm so proud of how it turned out.

Want to say a big thank you for everyones support over the years. During the years trapped inside with chronic health problems the main thing that kept me going was a belief that one day I would come out the other side, and be able to achieve success through music. I don’t have a label, and sometimes pushing these things as hard as I want becomes a massive challenge, and I find myself frustrated that there aren’t enough hours in the day to push it as far as I want to. I would love to ask a favour to anyone who has ever enjoyed my music over the years, and it will only take a few minutes of your day.It would mean the world to me if you shared ‘Hi Ren’ as much as you can, over social media platforms, with friends, over email. Together, and with your help I can hopefully reach people all over the world, and get one step closer to the dream I always had! Thank you so much for the support so far!


Song written, performed, directed by Ren
Cinamatographer - Samuel Perry-Falvey
First A.C. - Joshua styles
Lighting - Jacob Neller
Location - Will Rumfitt

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