Dax - "THE NEXT RAP GOD 2" [One Take Video]
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 Published On Nov 23, 2021

if this doesn't get 500k likes by Jan 1st i'm signing to a major label...
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lets go to war...

on all streaming at midnight...

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pRod by: Lex Nour Beats
sHot by: Logan Meis

#rapgod #thenextrapgod #dax #thenextrapgod2


btw if u made it this deep AGAIN in the description you're a real one. there was WAY too many lyrics to fit down here. I appreciate you all. i think this GOAL is something we can achieve and I will be doing everything in my power to do so. if everyone who reads this LIKES it and gets 1 friend to as well it will be easy. it may not seem like it but this is a defining moment... i love u

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