How I Make Espresso: Tools and Techniques
James Hoffmann James Hoffmann
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 Published On Mar 29, 2022

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@The Real Sprometheus On the Porcupress:
Eulogy For The Tamper:
@jkim makes Is Beautiful Espresso Worth It?*:
* This one didn't actually make it into the video, but I meant for it to. It's a great video, and why we didn't focus too much on naked extractions today.

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0:00 Intro to espresso puck prep
1:57 Bean prep
2:00 Weighing grinder input & output
2:24 Ross Droplet Technique (RDT) and spray bottle
3:04 Drying the basket
3:29 Distribution
3:39 Dosing funnel
3:59 Why distribution is important
4:50 Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) tools: DIY & needles vs loops
5:20 Commercial setting WDT
6:02 Using the WDT
6:38 Wedge distributors
7:52 Manual distribution
8:57 Vibration distribution
9:56 The Porcupress
10:52 Paper filters
13:46 Puck screens
14:59 Tamping
17:36 Surfsharf ad break
18:47 My puck prep routine
20:37 Outro - Coffee Is An Act of Kindness & questions


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