I Opened a Minecraft SMP... for only 24 Hours
Parrot Parrot
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 Published On Jul 28, 2021

The other day I wanted to know what would happen if I started an Anarchy Minecraft SMP with but for only 24 hours. Imagine what 2b2t would've looked like if it was only open for 24 hours.

Like Spoke and his 100 days to build a Civilization or Parrot / ParrotX2 and his School SMP or LifeSteal SMP series, this is a video where I create a Minecraft SMP / Minecraft Anarchy Server and leave it open for 24 HOURS.

Discord: https://discord.gg/6dug29UrRH

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Thanks to Vortex for the help: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtUzjAg7H-BS-PnalE3Zndw

A Minecraft video made by Parrot or ParrotX2 on other platforms! Enjoy

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