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 Published On Jan 21, 2024

Thank you to Dragon City for sponsoring this video so we could build this community in Guatemala. Download Dragon City by via this link https://dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/ph... or scan the QR code, get a special FREE Starter Pack with 15,000 Food, 30,000 Gold and 10 Gems and take part in the Beast Philanthropy week events!

We could not undertake projects of this scope and scale without the help of our incredible partners, Techo. Please support them so they can continue their amazing work. https://support-techo.funraise.org/

The soundtracks from this video are available on Spotify and, just like the channel, every penny we earn will be put back into the projects we do. (https://open.spotify.com/artist/400iD...)

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Edited by: Dan Mace ( ‪@DanMace‬   )

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