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 Published On Apr 14, 2024

Kellogg’s is teaming up with Minecraft ​⁠(‪@minecraft‬) to give you FREE Exclusive Character Creator Items to use in game when you buy any participating Kellogg’s cereals like Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Apple Jacks and Corn Pops.

Minecraft and Kellogg’s have partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to build a better and greener world by planting 250,000 trees in forests of great need in the U.S.

Visit https://arborday.org to learn more about the Arbor Day Foundation's tree planting mission.

• Select Kellogg cereals will include a FREE EXCLUSIVE DCL Minecraft Creator item, on specially-marked promotional cereal boxes.
• Get one FREE EXCLUSIVE Minecraft Character Creator item when you purchase any participating Kellogg’s cereal between now and 7/31/2024. Collect all 3 Character Creator items!
• Take a picture of your receipt and upload to https://www.wkkelloggpromotions.com/ (must be 16yrs+ to participate.)
• You can only select the character creator item once (cannot collect the same item more than once, no trading)
• Character Creator Items are exclusive to the U.S. to use in Minecraft game.
• Offer good through Kellogg’s redemption website: https://www.wkkelloggpromotions.com

​⁠   / @minecraft  


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This project would not have been possible without huge support from these two amazing organizations:

The GREEN Program
Website: https://thegreenprogram.com/
Instagram:   / greenprogram  
Tiktok:   / tgpabroad  
LinkedIn:   / greenprogram  
Youtube:    / @thegreenprogram4541  
Facebook:   / tgpabroad  


Filmed and Edited by: Dan Mace (    / @danmace  )

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