MIGHTY NEIN ANIMATED SERIES! Critical Role's HUGE New Amazon Deal!

 Published On Jan 25, 2023

HUGE breaking TTRPG and Fantasy News today on The Character Sheet as Critical Role and Amazon Prime Video have just announced a HUGE new deal that will give us a Mighty Nein animated series to air alongside the Legend Of Vox Machina on Prime video...as well as potnetial Critical Role MOVIES and other streaming projects! So besides getting the Mighty Nein animated series, which Critical Role fans have been begging for since the Legend of Vox Machina was first announced, what other shows and movies could be heading our way with this new Amazon deal?

Find out as we bring you all the latest details on this Huge announcment form Critical Role and Amazon Prime Video...and how soon we could get to see the new Mighty Nein Animated Series!

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