Plug-n-play solutions for home electrification, and options for power outages (Part 2)
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 Published On Mar 30, 2023

There's some pretty cool stuff out there. Speaking of stuff,
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My beginner's guide to electric vehicle charging

A video on Coleman lanterns

My 24-hour Vehicle-to-Load Test Run

A comparison I did with my old gas stove and a new radiant electric model

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00:00 Intro
00:42 A bit more on load management
03:43 Running new wires? Maybe not!
04:58 Heat Pump Water Heaters
07:50 Drawbacks
09:39 Thoughts on tankless water heaters
11:34 Other considerations and drawbacks
15:40 Heat Pump Clothes Dryers
17:41 Drawbacks
19:21 Induction stoves - they're a thing!
20:28 Stoves with Batteries
24:58 Pros and Cons
27:22 Power Outages
29:02 A cheap and huge "battery" you can get anywhere (propane)
29:58 Stuff you can do with propane
31:56 My rationale
33:37 Electric cars which offload stored power
37:05 There are nearly endless options, including your community
39:49 Bloops

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