Ali (ra) and Fatima (ra): From Love to the Pain of Death | The Firsts | Dr. Omar Suleiman
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 Published On Jan 30, 2020

"Many came to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, asking whom he loved the most, including Ali (ra) and Fatima (ra). He had the most eloquent answer, while maintaining his character of honesty. Even though Fatima was very dear to him and his heart was very attached to her, he didn’t want to answer in a way that would hurt Ali, whom he loved as his own son. He looked at Ali and said, 'She is more beloved to me than you, but you are more precious to me than her', making them both very happy."

Tune in to episode 8 of The Firsts as Sh. Omar Suleiman continues to talk about the love between Ali and Fatima and the love they had with Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to the pain that was felt after the passing of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the passing of Fatima (ra).

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