15 Mysterious Secrets in Elden Ring and Dark Souls!
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 Published On Sep 19, 2023

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-Credit to @:sennoutantei and @GreatMightyp0 for their estus flask projectile discovery -   / 1680729426147811328  
-Credit to @chainfailure for their item drop visuals discovery -   / 1680339852443754499  
-Check out @Sideprojects short on the Urumi    • Urumi   The Whip that is Also a Sword...  
-Credit to @SekiroDubi for their "Estelle" observation:   / 1662592590343012353  
-Check out @luajuk's twitter thread on Elden Ring name etymology   / 1672454669413613569  
-Credit to /u/this_nametaken for their Melina observation:   / is_this_melinas_grave_the_tree_sentinel_is  
-Credit to @SekiroDubi for the observations regarding the Sorcery! book   / 1676092134523379715  
-Credit to   / lokey_ds   for their Japanese text observations

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00:00 Estus Flasks are in Elden Ring
00:39 I narrated a Dark Souls audiobook
02:24 There's an unused item aura...
04:29 The Urumi is a real weapon
05:34 Who is the genius craftsman?
07:50 Cut "Estelle" NPC
08:41 Elden Ring Etymology
09:56 The Cathedral of "Manus Celes"
10:40 Raya Lucaria's hidden tombs
11:44 Could this be Melina's grave?
13:09 Jellyfish have eyes
13:46 Horn weapons can make an odd sound
14:12 Gideon is inspired by Sorcery!
15:25 The Frenzied are inspired by Sorcery!
16:09 Gaiseki

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