smoodi's self-cleaning blender platform for fresh and healthy on-the-go nutrition
Pascal Kriesche Pascal Kriesche
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 Published On Feb 16, 2022

Healthy fresh customized smoothies, provide the benefits of a retail store with a fraction of the footprint & cost, no human operator required/zero maintenance, makes it fun and exciting to develop healthy habits (empower), full service solution (including restocking of ingredients), automatic clean-in-place, eliminate food waste through individual servings & frozen supply chain extending shelf life, customize your smoothie with thickness and option to add boosters/enhancers

Blends in cup with lid through patent pending packaging design, collects key sales and performance data online, smart servicing through cloud dashboards and remote access, adds water through lid and blends directly in serving cup without need for user to remove the lid, modular design for easy access and maintenance

Innovative aspects:
Stimulates the 5 senses, 100% transparent, fully touchless in response to COVID-19, preventive maintenance through automated alerts & predictive analytics through sensors, eliminates food waste, fully self-cleaning & self-sanitizing, unique supply chain with traceability and tracking, premium individual packaging & biodegradable bamboo straws

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