Trying out your AWFUL mod ideas...
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 Published On Feb 20, 2023

i won't lie some of them were absolutely hysterical
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BIG shoutout to LilyLambda for taking on this beast of a mod project; check her stuff out here!
shout out to EDM for joining me in this vid, make sure to check him out here: @ExpandDongMan
music used:
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door - Petal Meadows
Pokemon X & Y - Pokemon Trainer Battle
Persona 4 - Youthful Lunch
Banjo-Kazooie Smash Remix - Mad Monster Mansion
Sonic Adventure - Bullet Train
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door - Luigi’s Theme
Mario Kart 8 - Cloud Sky Garden GBA
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - File Select
Xenoblade 3 - Keves Battle
Guilty Gear Strive - Find Your One Way (Instrumental)
Balloon Fight Smash Remix - Balloon Fight
Donkey Kong Smash Remix - Donkey Kong
Persona 5 - Will Power
Higurashi - Boy in the Windmill
Credit for Mario & Luigi Bros Attacks recreation: DE23
Outro: Persona 5 - Beneath the Mask
thank yall for coming up with so many great (read: awful) mod ideas
some of them were actually really fun to play with, and those that weren't were funny

let me know if yall want me to do something like this again in the future :)

#smashbros #smashultimate #tcnick3

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