Taylor Swift - Labyrinth (Lyric Video)
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 Published On Oct 21, 2022

Listen to “Labyrinth” by Taylor Swift from the album ‘Midnights’.

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Written by Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff

It only hurts this much right now
Was what I was thinking the whole time
Breathe in, breathe through
Breathe deep, breathe out
I’ll be getting over you my whole life
You know how scared I am of elevators
Never trust it if it rises fast
It can’t last

Uh oh, I’m falling in love
Oh no, I’m falling in love again
Oh, I’m falling in love
I thought the plane was going down
How’d you turn it right around

It only feels this raw right now
Lost in the labyrinth of my mind
Break up, break free, break through, break down
You would break your back to make me break a smile
You know how much I hate that everybody just expects me to
bounce back
Just like that

Chorus x4

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Labyrinth (Lyric Video). © 2022 Taylor Swift

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