ARK Scorched Earth Ascended + Bob's Tall Tales Trailer
ARK: Survival Ascended ARK: Survival Ascended
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 Published On Apr 1, 2024

Saddle up and stake your claim on the Scorched Earth! Build new Western-style structures like your own rootin' tootin' saloon, then tickle the ivories on your own piano for an authentic frontier experience. Hunt for buried treasure with your trusty shovel, tame hardy new creatures to pull your configurable wagon, and even hop aboard your own chugging steam train to explore those harsh badlands!

In Bob’s Tall Tales legendary ARK veteran Bob is ready to share his own incredibly true adventures with you for the first time! Experience the thrilling wonder and awesome spectacle of Bob’s epic adventures across The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction! Each Tall Tale delivers unique and helpful creatures and vehicles like the monolithic Oasisaur & Trains on Scorched Earth -- with more to come in Aberration and Extinction.

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