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 Published On Jul 29, 2020

Libra, Novi and the future of global payments

Why you should watch:

This is a seriously high-powered discussion with three of the major figures behind the Libra initiative - and with a highly knowledgeable sceptic to ask the sort of tough questions that they will have to answer if, indeed, Libra is going to live up to its billing as a global game-changer. Worth a detour...

Moderator: Andrew Hilton (CSFI)


Dante Disparte is Vice-chair and Head of Policy and Communications at the Libra Association. He is also Founder and Chairman of the Risk Cooperative, Chair of the Business Council for American Security and a columnist at Forbes.

Christian Catalini is chief economist at Libra, on secondment to the Libra Association. He is also the Theodore Miller Professor at MIT's Sloan School, and an Associate Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University, as well as a Faculty Research Fellow at the NBER. He is the founder of MIT's Cryptoeconomics Lab.

Matthew Davie is Chief Strategy Officer at Kiva one of the world's leading micro-lenders, and a Board Member of the Libra Association. He is also an advisor to the Linux Foundation.

Tim Jones is Executive Director of Tata Ltd, representing the Tata Group in London. He was the developer of two payment systems, Purseus and Tibado, and is a former Head of the retail bank at Natwest - where he was also responsible for the development of Mondex.

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Produced/Edited by Alex Treptow

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