Killer Breaks Down Crying After 8 Y.O. Victim is Found ALIVE | The Case of Jennifer Schuett
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 Published On Jun 6, 2022

“Am I scaring you little girl?”

8 year old Jennifer is scared of the dark, and on the one night her mother asks her to sleep in her own room, she wakes up in the arms of a police officer carrying her out of the house in the middle of the night. The man wants her to believe that she is safe, but she realizes he doesn't have a badge as he drives off to a remote area. Later that night, her kidnapper leaves her for dead in the middle of a field after brutally attacking her, and from that moment on, Jennifer vows to remember every single detail about him in order to make sure he’s caught. Her injuries leave her unable to talk, yet she still finds a way to catch him… 19 years later.
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