How I removed squatters in less than a day.

 Published On Jan 20, 2023

A family of Squatters broke in the back door and moved into my mom's vacant house and the Sheriffs wouldn’t do anything about it since the house had furniture and they made themselves at home and I had heard horror stories about how the legal system gives the squatter more rights than the homeowner, so I decided to come up with a way on my own to get them out in less than a day. Here is my story. I don’t suggest that everyone take a chance like I did on their own. It’s worth noting that I have had special training, a license to carry and was prepared for whatever situation was to arise. The men and women I had to deal with remained peaceful and that may not always be the case. If you ever have a situation like this, it is best to expect the worst and you will be prepared. To say thanks and support my channel not being monetized and the efforts of the UHA you can Venmo @Flash_Shelton or donate on the website
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