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 Published On Jan 16, 2020 -- This video highlights 4Knines' mission to produce high quality products and how they are better than other covers in the marketplace.

Here is more from the company's FAQ page about the dog and pet seat protectors such as front and rear seat covers, crew cab covers, bucket seat covers, hammocks, and cargo liners:

What's the Difference Between the Bed Liner & Bed Cover?
Our Dog Bed Liner protects the interior of your dog's bed. Remove the bed's outer cover, place insert into liner, and replace the outer cover.

Our Dog Bed Cover is a slipcover designed to protect the outside of your dog's bed. Insert the entire dog bed and zip it closed.

Are they Machine Washable?
Yes. Machine wash on gentle cycle with cold water and allow to air dry.

Are they Waterproof?
Yes! Our soft, quiet liners and covers are made from waterproof materials. Seams and zippers are not watertight.

Are the Covers Waterproof?
Our seat covers are made from waterproof material. Small spills, snow, rain, and mud should be contained on the cover. Seams, velcro openings, and zippers are not watertight.

Are the Covers Available In A Variety Of Colors?
All of our seat covers are available in black, grey, and tan. Our Split Rear Seat Covers & Crew Cab Covers are available in a limited edition camo design.

Will These Covers Damage My Upholstery?
Our colorfast fabric and non-slip backing have a working temperature up to 140°F. As a precaution, consider removing the cover if it gets wet or on extremely hot days as temperatures can exceed 140°F in an enclosed car.

What's So Special About The SPLIT Seat Cover?
Our patented Split Rear Seat Cover allows access to all three seat belts and offer ultimate flexibility (60/40 split, 50/50 split, center cargo pass-through).

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Giving Back

When you purchase a 4Knines cover, you are getting the best dog cover on the market AND you are supporting the pet community. At 4Knines, we believe in giving back! Since day one, 4Knines has donated a percentage of every sale to animal advocacy groups. In addition, we support and showcase the great work of various animal advocacy groups in our Monthly Spotlight articles. You can find out more about our giving back campaigns here:

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