Luka Doncic Opens Up About His Fascinating Basketball Journey, What He's Learned In The NBA and More
JJ Redick JJ Redick
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 Published On Mar 18, 2022

Buckle up because our guest this week on The Old Man & The Three is the one and only Luka Doncic from The Dallas Mavericks. In his first long form podcast interview, he covers a number of topics. Highlights include: the money he owes JJ Redick, the red hot Dallas Mavericks, why The Mavs are working right now, coming into the NBA season out of shape, using his body to his advantage, how he fell in love with basketball in Slovenia, moving to Spain to play for Real Madrid, the difficulties of moving away from his home, his first exposure to The United State of America, the difference between American born superstars and European superstars, trying to get Nikola Jokic on Instagram, hunting match-ups against LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Rudy Gobert and other NBA stars, why it's easier to score 30 points in The NBA than in The Euro-league, what's the first thing he looks for from the defense, why he loves watching and playing against Kevin Durant, other basketball players he looks up to, his favorite game winning shot ever and much more.

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