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 Published On Mar 29, 2024

Does it happen? Why yes it done! Hello, and welcome to yet another internet™ YouTube™ video about Star War™. My name is Krebs Gorlon official spokesperson for Red Letter Media™. The clowns known as Rich Evans and Mike Stoklasan famously known for having zero association with P. Diddy (formerly Puff Man). Today Mike and Rich decide to finally make a minimal effort to catch up on the world of a Star War. A world they has decided to shrug off years ago after a clone of Emperor Palpatine was used as a desperate attempt to make cheap cash from a brain-dead audience of clowns and sh*theads. Mike and Rich both loathed Rogue One: A Star War Story. Ever more they loathed the love for its' bland characters like Gem Klebstone, Korla Blargbon, Phib McP-Diddy, and especially Cassian And/or. They saw Rogue One as a bad sign. A “remember this” orgy of pointless action scenes and a film awash in Star War c*m. Star Wars porn essentially. Not much to admire about the writing. A dumb man’s science fiction film. So when a series about Cassian Andor, a character destined to die after a Grand Moff Tarkin with a cartoon face laser blasts a planet, they had no interest. Thankfully, whoever is writing/producing/green-lighting the Star War have made a bold and smart course correction to appeal to people who have IQ’s above 8 (at least on this series). Mike and Rich both very much enjoyed Andor. They discuss the show and the inner workings of what makes a Star War work and what doesn’t. What should be done and what shouldn’t. Now, keep in mind Mike and Rich aren’t super up to date on a Star War. They’ll most certainly get some names wrong. Some places wrong. Shows, characters, settings, events, canon, history, places, people, names, dates, races, planets, movies, books, shows, actors, times, technology, witers, death stars, darth vaders, and star war, but begast you must know how they doesn’t do then on purpose. The house is on a hill, but alas it's not haunted. They try their best despite not caring one bit or nothing like that. They watch shows meant for others not wanting to know more about the Star War. These kind of material can be overwhelming for them as their brains and body are constantly fighting off deadly infection. It can also be incredibly dumb and debilitating. These characters with laser swords always fighting others. Always sad people selling junk or cutting up fish meat. Always a bad ship in space. Always a fighting. Why? But people love this crap. They dress up in the costumes like zombie. Say the names and remember things they know. Cry at the trailers. Cry at seeing a thing they remember on a screen. Fill up their drawers with junk when they see a Jedi or a Darth Something. They see a de-aged Anakin Skywanker and ask about why he ate a Jar Jar Binks for dinner when he became a Darth Vader? They LOVE it without question and Kennedy and Dave F. drool at their masses. The actors and creators go on stage and smile and drool for that sweet sweet cash. They want to say how much they love being a Jedi or a whatnot. They say they love the fans and that the Star War is a family or a community or whatever, but all these ghouls really love is the checks.

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