FIXING Funko's Awful FNAF Plushies - FNAF 1
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 Published On Jun 25, 2021

Funko’s Five Nights at Freddy’s plushes are… pretty bad. So, join me in my fabulous journey to “fix” them all one by one; using the power of ‘quick and messy digital doodling’.

I'm Ty! (She/her)
BUSINESS - [email protected]

All plushie / sona art by me :3

Clip/Footage/Image Credits:

Fnaf Merch Mountain Photo:

‘Marketable Plush Louis’ Meme:

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Scrappyboi's Withered Freddy, Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, Withered Foxy, and Golden Freddy Renders:

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MLP ‘Cupcakes’ Animation (TW// GORE/DISTURBING CONTENT):

I try my best to avoid using fanart or fan renders, but a lot have accidently slipped through the cracks on this one. If there's any that I missed or failed to credit, please let me know!

Music Used:
BGM Playlist -

Kirby’s Dream Course - Learn the Rules
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door - Luigi’s Theme
Mario Party 3 - Nice and Easy
Ghost Trick - Beauty and Dandy
Donkey Kong 64 - Gloomy Galleon
Sonic Colors - Drill Wisp
Megaman 8 - Astro Man Stage
Sonic Gems Collection - Manuals
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - Jubilife City (Day)
Katamari Damacy - Stardust Fanfare
Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story - Dimble Woods (Inside)
A Hat in Time - You Are Now Legally a Bird
Megaman Powered Up - Stage Editor (Short Edit)
Plants vs Zombies - Rigor Mormist (Fog Stage)
Kirby’s Dream Land - Bubbly Clouds
Donkey Kong Country 2 - Jib Jig
The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask - Pirate’s Fortress
Paper Mario - Approach to the Mansion
New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Sky Land (World 7)
Sonic Generations - White Space - Seaside Hill
Wario’s Woods - Round Game (Birdo)

0:00 Intro
5:10 Rules
9:55 1. Freddy
12:40 2. Bonnie
13:52 3. Chica
16:59 4. The Cupcake
18:36 5. Foxy
21:26 6. Golden Freddy / Fredbear Plush
23:15 7. Endo_01
25:50 Outro

Thanks for watching!!

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