IT HAPPENED! Elon Musk FINALLY Reveals New Tesla Van 2022!
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 Published On Jan 14, 2022

Taking the world's transportation system electric is no mean feat, and if you want to
achieve it, you need all the help you can get! Elon Musk's burning ambition is to see off
the last gas-powered vehicle on the road, replacing them with zero-emission
automobiles! While his juggernaut EV company is moving from strength to strength,
Musk realizes that a collaboration here, a partnership there, is needed to reach his goal!
This is why it is teaming up with Mercedes to release a vehicle solely lacking in Tesla's
lineup, a van! What areTesla and Mercedes doing together, and how will the electric
van change the automobile world? Join us as we dive into how Musk finally reveals a
new sprinter van with Mercedes!
Musk's Tesla ended 2021 by shipping almost a million electric cars! This was
significantly more than the 750,000 units the company targeted and is great news for
the trillion-dollar car company! Making up most of the sales are the Model 3 and Model
Y sedans, with relatively small numbers of the Model S and Model Y. Closing the year
on such a note means Tesla is getting closer to Musk's ambition of making electric
vehicles pervasive!
The new year and subsequent years will only help Musk further his EV agenda, as
Tesla's vehicle lineup will be boosted significantly.
Apart from the four cars Tesla is currently selling, it may add four other electric vehicles
to its roster soon! There is the Cybertruck, the electric vehicle to cater to the pickup
truck-loving crowd that boasts 500 miles per charge and a body made of steel. It
promises to be a massive success going by the number of pre-orders! Tesla will also
finally start making the Tesla Semi. This battery-powered Class 8 truck will change the
logistics sector, and big names like PepsiCo are eagerly waiting to turn their pre-orders
into actual deliveries!
Tesla will also resurrect the electric car that started it all, the Roadster! The high
performance is coming back sleeker and more powerful than ever, with mind-blowing
acceleration and long-lasting driving range! It also has improvements like seating for
four and a removable glass roof! And this time, it is built from the ground up as an
electric car, entirely in-house by Tesla's team!
Also rumored to be coming soon is the car for the masses, the Model 2, which Musk
has confirmed will not be called the Model 2! It has been Musk's dream to build a
practical electric vehicle that costs $25,000! He expects this car to push the adoption of
zero-emission mobility further because it will be affordable for more people. This car
had proved elusive, but Tesla has finally got it right after setting up a research center in
China dedicated to the car!
Looking through Tesla's current and upcoming vehicles, you will notice that a category
lacks! This category is an electric van! This omission is glaring as vans are a category
of automobiles that sell a lot! ACEA estimates that there are over 28 million vans on
European roads alone, with more than 6 billion euros worth of vans sold in 2020! These
vehicles are crucial to the economy because they are primarily used by SME's as tools
and account for more than 80 percent of sales in units of the commercial vehicle
market, a segment that also includes trucks, heavy trucks, buses, and coaches. Large
companies like Amazon, USPS, FedEx, etc., use vans heavily in delivering packages to
online shoppers. They are also great for moving household items and work equipment!
So, vans are a category waiting for Tesla to disrupt!
That is not to say Musk is not thinking about vans already. In an early 2021 interview,
Musk revealed that Tesla could not resist making an electric van!
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Tesla Electric Van Could Become A Reality, According To Elon Musk (
In fact, the CEO has specced out the Tesla van in interviews! For instance, in a podcast
with Joe Rogan, who he likes to hang out with, Musk mentioned some of the van's
features! Remember Tesla makes excellent solar panels? Well, Musk is putting solar
panels on the electric van. Why does Musk want to put solar panels on the electric van?
He told Rogan that, unlike a car where the surface area is limited and will not yield
much energy, a van has a big flat surface area, making solar panels on vehicles more
practical! But Musk won't just put panels on the flat roof because he has looked for ways
to extend the number of panels that the van can take, thereby increasing the total
energy produced! The van has roofs that can slide out from the side when the van is
stationary, expanding the surface area exposed to the sun by a factor of three! This will
net you 30 extra miles of range per day!
This makes the Tesla van very useful for campers or people that live permanently in
their vans. They will be able to charge their vehicle literally anywhere they can find the

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