Worst wreck I've seen so far
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 Published On Mar 30, 2024

Worst wreck I've seen so far! In my job, I come across a TON of wrecks. Unfortunately, some of them are fatal. Some of them are incredibly bad yet by some miracle the drivers were unharmed. This is one of those cases. Upon first sight, I was positive that the driver of both the tractor and tow truck were deceased. Looking inside of the cabs, it didn't seem possible to walk out of that. I did find it odd it wasn't reported to us that it was a fatal, as that is a whole process and coroner has to be involved before we do.

Luckily, to my surprise, I found out both drivers were alive. And not just alive, but alive and no serious harm. The tow truck driver was walking around the scene and got picked up by his company. The driver of the tractor I was told was also fine, but then later found out she had injuries to her lower half from the accident. Horrible situation and I wish her a speedy recovery.

I won't get into speculation on who's at fault or how it happened, and I also took a ton of time to blur out logos and addresses. Please don't mention the companies involved if you know of them. To start the job, despite looking insane, I started simple. The main thing was a chassis stuck between the semi and the tow truck. So naturally my goal was to remove the chassis from the equation so the tractor and tow truck could be towed separately.

I was only called for the tractor and chassis; CHP called Sanders towing for the car and tow truck. Rigging was on point, and once the chassis was removed, all other pieces fell into place perfectly and we cleared the scene quickly.

In terms of wrecks, is this the worst one you've seen on my channel? I believe so, if not the worst at least top 3! And if you REALLY want to support your favorite tow channel, become a member here:    / @pepestowingservice  

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