'52 Fleetline Build Pt.2 "The Full Build" - Gas Monkey Builds

 Published On Oct 3, 2022

See the build complete and come party w/ us! Come to Tacos N' Tires this Saturday, October 8th 9:30 am - 1:30 pm @ Gas Monkey Garage.

Gas Monkey Garage turns the big 2-0 next year and it's time to bring some life back into the garage's very first build! While Richard and the crew want to keep the exterior same, under the hood is get a total overhaul!

Watch and see this 1952 get some extra muscle under the hood.

Huge thanks to our brand partners that helped make this episode possible!

💪 Thompson Motorsports ➡️ https://www.thompsonmotorsports.net/shop/
💨 Holley ➡️ https://www.holley.com/

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