Gotham Knights left a Bat-shaped hole in our hearts | Friends Per Second Episode 10
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 Published On Oct 22, 2022

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00:00:00 - Intro
00:23:11 - Silent Hill showcase
00:43:44 - Resident Evil Showcase
00:55:33 - Lucy’s take on Overwatch 2
01:05:21 - Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope impressions
01:16:07 - Gotham Knights impressions
01:29:21 - A Plague Tale: Requiem impressions
01:36:20 - Scorn
01:42:25 - Bayonetta 3 impressions and controversy
01:48:50 - God of War Ragnarok impressions
01:58:40 - Listener questions
02:13:23 - Fortnight in games/outro
Let's meet our hosts:

- Jake Baldino (aka the Before You Buy Guy) is pretty much the most watched reviewer on YouTube across both Gameranx and his personal channel ( If you're obsessed with Delorians, The Mummy and Pizza you can discuss that stuff with him directly over on Twitter: @JakeBaldino

- Lucy James is a Senior Producer at Gamespot and a Creative Producer at Giant Bomb. She's actually, like, experienced and credentialed and has real life skills and stuff, while the rest of the gang would be funemployed if the YT algorithm didn't kiss them for random, inexplicable reasons. Oh, and she streams, too:

- Jirard (aka The Completionist: has been doing YouTube since before Noah wore short pants. Over the course of more than a decade, Jirard has completed HUNDREDS of games to bring you the quality of review that almost no other reviewer dare bring you, getting the 100% completion trophy for every title before putting pen to paper. Jirard has a let's play channel ( He's a host on the newly re-launched X-Play ( and in his spare time he fires off the occasional hot-take over on Twitter: @TheCompletionist

- Skill Up used to work at McDonalds but he got fired for skimming too many chicken nuggets. He says he regrets it since he's never had a better job since.
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