How I Trafficked $5 Million Worth Of Cocaine | Posh Pete's Uncut Story | How Crime Works
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 Published On Feb 29, 2024

Former cocaine smuggler Pieter Tritton returns for a second interview with Business Insider about his experience trafficking drugs from South America to the United Kingdom. Tritton says he started selling cocaine in the illegal rave scene in the UK in the 2000s. He then established a cartel connection and began importing cocaine to Europe in larger quantities. Tritton was arrested in Ecuador and served 10 years in prison there, first in Garcia Moreno in Quito, and later in Litoral Penitentiary in Guayaquil, which is one of the world's most violent and corrupt prisons.

He now works as a public speaker on the dangers of drugs, consults with the UK police force, and is writing a follow-up to his 2017 memoir, "El Infierno: Drugs, Gangs, Riots and Murder: My time inside Ecuador's toughest prisons."

The NCA estimates the UK cocaine market is worth $13.8 billion (£11 billion) a year.
In the year ending March 2023, over 92 metric tons of illegal drugs were seized by police and Border Force, the highest volume since 2003/4.

Watch Tritton's first interview with Business Insider:
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00:00:00 - Intro
00:00:40 - The Connoisseur
00:02:44 - Trafficking Methods
00:09:15 - The Structure
00:14:15 - The Mules
00:23:13 - The Transport
00:33:40 - Farming And Processing
00:37:27 - The Cartels
00:46:31 - The Market
00:50:15 - The Arrest
01:00:49 - The Prisons
01:05:59 - Prison Gangs
01:12:31 - The Rise
01:14:46 - The Bigger Picture
01:21:53 - The Backstory
01:25:31 - The Aftermath
01:30:11 - Credits

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How Cocaine Trafficking Actually Works | Posh Pete’s Full Story | How Crime Works Uncut | Insider

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