12 Things I HATE about Living in Japan
Abroad in Japan Abroad in Japan
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 Published On Nov 30, 2022

10 years living in Japan; I can't love everything right?
Food, transport, architecture and culture here's the 12 things that drive me craziest in Japan.
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Edited by David Parish

00:00 What I Hate about Japan
01:02 Japan’s Hostess Clubs
03:35 Singing Karaoke
04:36 Toilet Bidets
05:58 Mos Burger
08:07 Pachinko
11:02 Tokyo Go Karts
13:32 Purikura Photo Booths
14:52 Microagressions
17:50 Modern Japanese Architecture
20:39 Ekiben (Train Station Bento)
22:30 Fruit Sandwiches
24:08 Japanese TV

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