Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air | Blower Fan Running Burners Not On
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 Published On Jan 22, 2022

I will walk you through the steps involved in troubleshooting a common issue where your furnace blower fan is running and moving air through your vents but the burner is not lighting. This results in your furnace sounding like it is on but your home continues to get colder. 90% of the time if you have a clean furnace filter the problem is either a flame rollout switch or a temp limit switch.

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Normal Furnace Startup Steps
2:07 Best Practices When Troubleshooting A Furnace
3:14 Wiring Schematic, Connector Diagram, And Furnace Diagnostic Codes
5:21 Flame Rollout Switch Basics
5:57 Temperature Limit Switch Basics
6:58 Normal Wiring Layout for Switches
7:45 Resetting and Testing Flame Rollout Switch
9:28 Testing Temperature Limit Switch
10:15 Testing At The Circuit Board For Connector And Wiring Issues
11:50 How To Order Replacememts

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