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 Published On Nov 23, 2021

In this video, Ask This Old House master plumber Richard Trethewey installs a utility sink in Mark McCullough’s chicken barn.

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Richard Tretheway installs a utility sink with cold water that drains outside. After locating the water supply coming from the house, Richard explains that burying a dry well behind the shed is the best option. With Mark digging out the hole for the dry well’s catch basin, Richard ties into the house’s water supply and runs polyethylene pipe fitted with a vacuum breaker to the chicken barn.

With the plumbing in place, Richard assembles a utility sink kit. He also explains how to pipe a faucet when only running cold water. Then he and Mark work together to tie the sink into the dry well before testing out their work.

Skill: ⅖
Cost: Around $300
Time: 4 hours

Shopping list:
Dry well catch basin []
Crushed stone []
Polyethylene pipe []
Various fittings, including elbows and tees []
Utility sink kit []
Concrete anchors []
Drain kit []
Various PVC pipes and fittings []
PVC Cement []

Hole saw []
Shovel []
Tubing cutter []
Power drill []
Masonry bits []
Tongue and groove pliers []

Where to find it?
Richard installed a Utilatub Combo 20x24” Thermoplastic Floor Mount Laundry Tub []. The kit comes with the water supply and drain lines required to hook up to the water supply. The utility sink kit is manufactured by MUSTEE [].

To connect the sink to Mark’s existing lines, Richard used a roll of polyethylene tubing and various fittings found at home centers and plumbing supply houses.

Due to the planned usage for the sink, Richard opted to use a dry well system rather than connect it to a drain line. He and Mark installed a 12x12” Drainage Catch Basin [] manufactured by NDS []. Below and around the hole, Mark filled in with crushed stone found at home centers and landscape supply stores.

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How To Install a Utility Sink in a Barn | Ask This Old House

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