Unleashing the Power of the Mars Cycler: SpaceX Starship to play a huge part?
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 Published On Jul 15, 2023

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If you’ve been watching along here for quite some time, you will know that the team and I have been releasing some deep dive videos that look into the complexity of long duration crewed spaceflight. The primary concerns of course being the health of astronauts aboard these missions. To do all of this stuff right and protect those squishy fragile human bodies on board, it is going to take a lot of equipment. That also means a lot of mass. Well, here we explore Unleashing the Power of the Mars Cycler. Would SpaceX Starship to play a huge part? Almost certainly if SpaceX's dreams of low mass to orbit become reality. What if I told you, that once we get all this up to the required speed for the journey, that was it. A reusable station taking trip after trip, only needing tiny course corrections from time to time? Well, with a nod to Buzz Aldrin, may I present to you the Atomic Powered, Shielded, Spinning Starship Mars Cycler!

The Hidden Threat to Our Astronauts - Marcus House

Artificial Gravity is Critical for Mars Exploration & Beyond - Marcus House

Mars cycler architecture utilizing low-thrust propulsion (PDF)

Dennis Chamberland - Departing Earth Forever
(Book Two - Alien Worlds, explores similar topics)

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