How to Find a Water Leak - Allamerican leak detection DIY tips
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 Published On Sep 25, 2014

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Leaks are estimated to account for up to 14% of domestic water use. This video explains a few quick and easy tips on how to narrow down the location of a leak along with some likely causes.

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How to do Leak detection and Leak Detection Tips by ACME Detection

Step 1
Do I have a leak? The easiest way to find if you have a leak is to go straight to the water meter and look for some sort of a micrometer, typically there will be a black or red triangle in the upper left corner. If the triangle is spinning slowly this is telling you that there's a very small amount of water being taken from the system, typically a leak

Step 2
Determine if you can separate different parts of the water system by shut offs. Check for a shut off at a point on the house closest to the water meter. The waterline will typically run in a straight line from the meter to the house. Look for the line coming out of the ground with the pressure regulator on it. This is a large piece of brass that is shaped like a bell or funnel. It reduces the pressure from the street which should be around hundred pounds down to around 60 house.
While having someone watch the meter simultaneously turn off the main shut off to the house. If the meter stops running in the leak is not in that line. Now proceed to shut off in the other shops in the area you can fine. If the meter stops spinning when you shut any of these off that will tell you that the leak is in that line.

Step 3
Search the area in which the pipe is located to see if you can possibly find any wet spots in the ground or if it runs to the house check for any leaks in faucets, toilets or moisture in the house.

Step 4
If outside be sure to check all hose bibs. Especially ones with hoses attached. It is necessary to remove the hose from the hose bib to visually inspect if there is a leak. It is very common for people not to hear it leaking, it will simply run out through the hose into the yard and never be discovered.

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Leak detection tools we use:
- LD 18 Sub Surface microphone
- Metrotech Vivax HL 5000-4 microphone
- Radio Detection RD 7000 locator.

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- AAA Pinpoint leak detection

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