Kevin Durant On Super Teams, Almost Beating The Bucks, The Future of The NBA, His OKC Past & More
JJ Redick JJ Redick
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 Published On Apr 6, 2022

Our guest interview this week is none other than Kevin Durant and the co-host of The ETCs Podcast, Eddie Gonzalez. This conversation is so awesome and we're thrilled to get to share it with you. Topics include: KD and JJ's prior battles between The Los Angeles Clippers and The Oklahoma City Thunder, learning playoff lessons with The Thunder, Why KD doesn't score 60 points on a more regular basis, how KD started to get comfortable with controlling the game, the struggles of playing on a 'super team', the death of the stretch 4, the non-evolution of college basketball, how he feels about the original James Harden trade to The Houston Rockets, a breakdown of his series between The Milwaukee Bucks and The Brooklyn Nets, his biggest playoff regrets, recovering from his achilles injury, the difference between he and JJ Redick's routine and so much more.

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