How Electricity Actually Works
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 Published On Apr 29, 2022

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Special thanks to:
Bruce Sherwood, Ruth Chabay, Aaron Titus, and Steve Spicklemore
VPython simulation:

Thanks to Ansys for help with the simulations:

Huge thanks to Richard Abbott from Caltech for all his modeling

Electrical Engineering YouTubers:
Electroboom:    / electroboom  
Alpha Phoenix:    / alphaphoenixchannel  
eevblog:    / eevblogdave  
Ben Watson:    / @pulsedpower  
Big Clive:    / bigclive  
Z Y:    / zongyiyang  
NYU Quantum Technology Lab
   / @nyuquantumtechnologylab  
Dr. Ben Miles
   / @drbenmiles  
Further analysis of the large circuit is available here:

Special thanks to Dr Geraint Lewis for bringing up this question in the first place and discussing it with us. Check out his and Dr Chris Ferrie’s new book here:

A great video about the Poynting vector by the Science Asylum:    • Circuit Energy doesn't FLOW the way y...  

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Written by Derek Muller
Edited by Derek Muller
Filmed by Trenton Oliver and Petr Lebedev
Animation by Mike Radjabov and Ivy Tello
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