The Cult of Organisation & The Celebrity Kitchen Complex
Jordan Theresa Jordan Theresa
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 Published On Mar 20, 2024

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The Anesthetizing Power of Restocking TikToks -
Home Influencers Will Not Rest Until Everything Has Been Put in a Clear Plastic Storage Bin -
Celebrity Kitchens Are Beautiful, Barely Used, and Basically One Big Flex -
“Get Organized with The Home Edit” Is Infomercial Reality Television -
The Rainbow Tyranny of Get Organized With the Home Edit -
Is Netflix’s The Home Edit encouraging us to be wasteful? -
‘It’s a control thing’: why are we so fascinated by super-organised homes? -
Why TV decluttering shows need to clean up their act -
It’s Too Easy to Buy Stuff You Don’t Want -
Merchandizing the Void -
Consumerism And “The American Dream” Have Destroyed Us -   / consumerism-and-the-american-dream-have-de...  
Lisa O’Neil, “Declutter or Die: How the Home Organization Industry Designs the Metaconsumer” -

time stamps:
00:00 - intro
07:08 - restocktok and organisational content
13:20 - get organised with the home edit
23:52 - the kitchens and pantries of the rich and famous
31:12 - the western housewife is now a consumer
33:00 - conclusion

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