I Built World Record Poop
Yeah Jaron Yeah Jaron
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 Published On Apr 1, 2023

After being visited by three spirits, Yeah Jaron learns the true meaning of April Fools.
This title isn't a joke, it is an incredibly serious video.

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For those curious, the Collin who helped me build is the same Collin from the 100 by 100 Minecraft world.

This wasn't recorded on the Lifesteal SMP, this was recorded on the Flatline SMP in Minecraft with Mogswamp and Ryanthescion. YouTube please show it to people who like my 100 days videos; I want to prank them the most. Oh and the glass tube trap'
Lowkeyjude told me I need to put Minecraft in the title or description, or YouTube will go "is this a Minecraft video??" (think of me saying that in a dumb voice), and then you guys won't see the video.

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