New CYBERPUNKY Pokémon! ⚡💀 Gnoggin 🖌️ Pokémon Legends Neo: Ghetsis
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 Published On Aug 5, 2022

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What if the next Pokemon Legends game took place not in the past, but in the future? AND was a T-rated action-based JRPG? That's the question we're exploring in this series. Hope you enjoy it!

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Additional Credits:
Fan-mon artists:
All Trainers -

Dreel, Boray, Tsunagi -

Neo Primeape -

MonQuer -

Snugooi -

Grameleon, Stikit, Neo Smeargle, Ruffiti +secondary Snugooi art -

Neo-K map:

Most - Lockstin
Taida - Bird Keeper Toby
Miss Stone + Sam - Mouse Alchemist

Neo Ghetsis OST mostly by Clilbeats
Other music mostly from Epidemic Sound,

00:00 A T-rated Pokemon game?
00:26 Sponsored by Magic Spoon
01:40 Introducing Auburn
02:30 New Starter Pokemon!
05:25 Neo Gyarados
06:38 MonQuer
08:12 Neo Primeape
10:11 Neo Smeargle and Ruffiti
12:28 Grameleon
14:45 Stikit
16:40 Snugooi!

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