7 Days With The Man Claiming Aliens Exist (David Grusch Under Oath)
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 Published On Oct 1, 2023

Thank you for watching and being here, and I hope we manage to spark your curiosity about the phenomenon. And deepen your empathy towards the humans who experienced it. This has been one of the greatest journeys of seeking discomfort I have ever embarked on. I hope you take some time to keep exploring, as I did three years ago.

With love, Ammar Kandil.

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A film by Yes Theory
In collaboration with Jesse Michels

Directed by
Ammar Kandil

Director of Post Production
Thomas Dajer

David Grusch
Staffan Taylor
Dr Gary Nolan
Sky Cowans
Melanie Kirchdorfer

Cinematography by:
Shawn Malangyaon
Luke Gaie
Bryan Felber
lan Leach

Additional footage by:
Mario Kidd

Edited by:
Thomas Dajer
Cam Peddle

Assistant editor:
Harrison King

Horse With No Name cover by Jack Gaughan
Moonchild by Psylo - https://open.spotify.com/track/3lgLnNAO6bYnpBow5RB8TR?si=ce6f1b7b84d34fde

This doc is dedicated to all truth seekers out there.

Special thanks to:
Dr. John Mack
James Fox
Leslie Kean
Lou Elizondo
Robert Hastings
Dr Gary Nolan
Jacques Vallée
Diana Pasulka
Red Panda Koala
Ross Coulthart
Ralph Blumenthal
Jeremy Corbell
George Knapp


Jesse’s full interview with David Grusch

Sky’s full video on Melanie’s abduction case in 1969: https://youtu.be/XeJCdsFYaF0?si=vJ2_IV87UqndxFBQ

Dave's Congressional Testimony:

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Our Berkshire’s UFO story
The Phenomenon
I know what I saw

Moment of Contact - Trailer

Shows to check out:
UFOs: Investigating the Unknown
(If these links don’t work in your country try using a VPN in USA)
Full show available on Disney Plus (high recommend)
Encounters on Netflix - Trailer

Additional interesting watches: Bob Lazar: Area 51 and flying saucers https://youtu.be/iSkFkh-6XoA?si=k_o5BX0jzg-PGJs7
Ariel School Documentary - Trailer
(For more in depth interviews with witnesses in the Zimbabwe sighting in 1994) https://youtu.be/d4JXxR_BbM0?si=sRDdfTvkXuNN0_xn

YouTube channels to follow:
Jesse Michels - https://www.youtube.com/@JesseMichels
Red Panda Koala - https://www.youtube.com/@RedPandaKoala

Books to read:
American Cosmic - Diana Pasulka,
Passport to Magonia - Jacque Vallee,
UFO’s and Nukes - Robert Hastings, The Believer: Alien Encounters, Hard Science, and the Passion of John Mack - Ralph Blumenthal

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